About the author

Photo of Gyrus
Photo by Karolina Urbaniak

Gyrus grew up on a farm in Lincolnshire, England. After studying film, drama, and the extermination of rational thought in Reading, he moved to Leeds and became immersed in DIY publishing and the exploration of prehistoric monuments. He edited and published the pre-millennial journal Towards 2012 (‘Easily the best mag I’ve ever seen.’ – Phil Hine, author of Condensed Chaos), wrote numerous pamphlets, and found little time for work.

Since 1999 he’s been working in the web industry in London, building sites for charities and non-profits. Recent publications include Dreamflesh Journal (‘I felt EXCITED as I read. No mean feat. I truly was inspired.’ – Genesis Breyer P-Orridge), the collection of essays Archaeologies of Consciousness (‘… a most original and penetrating scholarly mind.” – Dr Robert J Wallis, Professor of Visual Culture, Richmond University, London) and a short study of the debate on the history of violence, War & the Noble Savage (‘An excellent job on a most central topic.’ – Dale Pendell, author of Pharmako/Poeia).

Strange Attractor

North is published by Strange Attractor Press, a leading London-based independent publisher and event organiser revealing a diverse mix of art, music, film and literature at the intersections of the occult, anthropology, and cultural anomaly. Besides the acclaimed Strange Attractor Journal, other titles include a biography of Austin Osman Spare by Phil Baker and Medical London by Richard Barnet & Mike Jay.