This site is a companion to the book, North: The Rise & Fall of the Polar Cosmos, a rich history of cosmology exploring the significance of the celestial and terrestrial poles. More than just a promotional tool, the site’s intended to house the copious overflow from this project. Many years of research resulted in more material and ideas than any book could fully contain, but which is just too good to waste.

North front coverI’ll be posting many different things to this blog: updates on the book and associated talks, miscellaneous thoughts and bits of tangential research cut from the book’s final edit, links and snippets from the web relating to the book’s themes. There’ll be recommendations for further research in cosmology, anthropology, place, psychology and animism (I’ve also dedicated a page to rounding up key recommendations).

While the book tries to embrace caveats and subtleties, the demands of creating a digestible whole mean that there are many aspects to the issues involved that I simply left out. So this blog will also serve as a place for me to contradict myself, to highlight places where I allowed narrative to trump complexity, and to correct and discuss errors.

Also, in the essays section I’ll be gradually adding sections of the book that were cut out, developed into more sustained semi-independent pieces.

You can keep up with stuff posted here via RSS, Facebook, Twitter, and email (sign-up at the top or bottom of this page). Feedback and discussion very welcome, though I’m going to try to focus the conversation on blog comments here. Hope you enjoy the ride!